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Review: Regenepure DR Hair Loss and Scalp Treatment Shampoo


Regenepure - DR Shampoo, Hair and Scalp Treatment, Supports Hair Growth, 8 ounces


Average Rating:4.25

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I love this Regenpure hair loss and scalp treatment #shampoo by Saloncueticals!
I do not have dandruff, but i do have hair loss and thinning hair from dyeing my hair so much!

First of all, look at the ingredient list, its not a mile long like some shampoo's AND it has some awesome ingredients that are amazing for hair health. Emu and jojoba oils are good for moisturizing, while Linolenic acid, caffeine, and Niacin stimulate the scalp. A key ingredient for scalp flakes is Ketoconazole. Other great ingredients are Zinc Oxide, Vitamin B6 and Saw Palmetto extract! Not to mention the other great ingredients on the bottle!  It is free of harmful chemicals, Sulfate, and Parabens!

I have tried other brand hair loss shampoos and none of them have given me results within a few days or much results at all.
Within a few days of using Regenpure Dr shampoo, I can honestly say I already see a difference in my hair!

My hair is immediately thicker after washing it the first time in the shower, and after a few days my hair is noticeably much fuller, stronger, and resilient. I have natural thin hair, but after using this shampoo it looks so much thicker and less flat!
At first you may think this bottle is small for shampoo, but honestly its just right as you don't need much shampoo to cover your whole scalp/hair. I only need a little bit bigger than a quarter size amount to cover my scalp and hair.

I think it has a slight minty smell, which isn't too strong, and its very relaxing when i put it on.
I leave it on 4-5 minutes, and after a minute or two, i feel a really light tingling on my head that doesn't feel too strong at all! I really actually enjoy it.

After i wash it out of my hair I have to follow up with a conditioner, because my thin hair gets so much stronger and thicker that when wet, its hard to brush. I take this as a good thing and that its working 🙂 After a few days - i noticed my hair is really much healthier since adding this to my hair routine.

Overall i would recommend this shampoo to anyone who has dandruff or thinning/hair loss. It really turned my short, thin, damaged hair into bouncy, full, and healthy hair after a few days use! I think this product works really well and will continue to use it.

Also, their customer service is great!!

**I received this product to test for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. ALL opinions are my own and my own ONLY!**

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Curb Hair Loss
Anti Dnadruff
Regrow Hair
Free of harmful Chemicals

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