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Derma Roller. Will this help regrow hair?

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Dermaroller's also referred as micro needling which stimulates the healing response of your body and is also known for removing stretch marks, cellulite, and acne scars and also dealing skirmishing wrinkles on the face. According to recent medical research, the dermaroller is also very effective for reduction of hair loss and hair rejuvenation. Initially, the derma roller was used to address skin imperfections, but a producer has begun to market one model to the treatment of androgenic alopecia both in men and women which are also proven scientifically.

How Derma Roller Works:

Hair growth is dependent on genes which support the production and growth of new hair cells. This process is carried out inside the hair follicles, the tiny apertures that cover the scalp as well as the entire human body. The right combination of chemicals is needed to stimulate the manufacturing of hair cells dependent on human growth factor.

Scientists propose that the derma roller works by stimulating the production of human growth factor. Basically, dermaroller is a handheld tool with a wheel attached to a knob. The wheel is equipped with minute needles of just a few millimeters. The tool is rolled over the area under treatment helping the needles to depress adjacent to the tissue. In the same process, the body then should develop new skin in the area of the treatment and discharges the human growth hormone and other chemicals to support the process which can help in hair regrowth in areas of thinning.

How to use Dermaroller:

  1. Always use the dermaroller just once a week after the full healing of prior treated area
  2. It is best to use a derma roller with needles 1.5mm long and if you are a beginner go for 1mm for needle size.
  3. always sterilize the derma roller after each time use
  4. Focus on only one section at a time of the scalp, rolling vertically, horizontally, and obliquely for 3-4 times.
  5. To prevent irritation never roll it forcibly as it can lead to leaving needle marks
  6. Try changing your derma roller after 15-20 uses to steer clear of rounded needles
  7. Always apply 1ml of 5% Minoxidil to the scalp after 24 hours of treatment because applying straight after the treatment can cause systematic Minoxidil absorption which can cause rashes and extreme irritation.
  8. You can apply Minoxidil immediately only if you are using 0.25mm to 0.3mm needle treatment

Recommended Derma rollers:

Ø  Premium Derma Roller

1.0 mm 540 needles: Premium Derma Roller is made up of the highest quality surgical stainless steel existing; it is famous for the minimum amount of reactions to the skin. It is useful for your body and face to stiffen and firm your skin, hair loss and help in making your skin and clean. This is due to the fact that this dermaroller helps stimulate collagen production once it is rolled onto the skin. The areas with these skin issues might not be getting the proper amount of collagen productivity that needs.


Derma Roller SGF:

Made with the superior quality Titanium Alloy Microneedles and gives you the results you yearn for skin and hair loss. It helps stimulates the skin to trigger natural collage inventions thus improving skin elasticity. The microneedles penetrate the skin to unlock it for absorption of topical treatments.

Final words on treating hair loss with derma roller are that if you are completely bold you may get red marks and reddish scalp after the treatment. So make it safer and less painful for yourself by taking appropriate safety measures while using derma roller at home!

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