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Aloe Vera : Benefits and Uses

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A gelatinous substance obtained from an aloe, used especially in cosmetics of various sorts. Aloe Vera is widely used in many beauty products because of It's great antibacterial and antiviral properties.
Not only that but it also has other amazing capabilities such as the ability to help treat diabetes and also constipation.

This green cactus-like looking plant is more than what meets the eyes. It is the core of a million dollar industry that begins from beauty creams to healthy juices and goes all the way upto dietary supplements.
Over time, This amazing plant has seamlessly integrated its way into our everyday use.
But what is it that makes this plant so special?

Lets find out.

This plant has the capability of growing upto 1-2 ft tall. It has a bitterly taste and has prickly leaves that act as a defence mechanism to keep animals and various insects from feeding on it.
These leaves have a goeey and transparent gel which has an extremely bitter taste, but have astounding healing properties.

This gel is made of a type of protein which contains 18 out of the total 20 amino acids found, and also contains Vitamin A, B, C and E.

Aloe-Vera gel

The Sap of this plants is widely used in the field of medicine and in cosmetics. It is a yellowish liquid bound to the skin of the plant. When dried and purified, this powdered substance can be used as a natural laxative.

One of the most used element of this plant is its special gel that is a complex carbohydrate that is also known as Acemannan.

Acemannan allows each nutrient to reach the bodies cells and nourish them while simultaneously relieving them of harmful toxins. British herbal medicine, Ayurveda and Chinese herbal medicine have all trophies this miracle plant as an immense healer.
Some of its most well known benefits.


Beauty by the Beast

Aloe Vera thorns

Ever heard of the saying "dont judge a book by its cover"

This is the exact same. Altough itt may look like a vicious and poisinous plant by appearance, the actual nature of this plant is that of a Humble Healer


Yes, all this is possible.

With one use of this Slimey and goey gel, you will without a doubt notice how soothing and cooling it is. And it's because of this that Ayurveda refers to aloe vera as the miracle herb that can be used to treat wounds, dry skin, minor cuts and severe burns.


Other benefits gained by Aloe-Vera


  1. Finish Dryness Skin
  2. Can be used as a Scrub
  3. Used to battle Acne
  4. Perfect for Sensitive Skin
  5. To lose Weight


Aloe Vera for Hairfall

Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes which is known to repair dead skin cells on the scalp.
It is a great conditioner that leaves your hair all smooth and shiny.
It promotes hair growth, prevents itchiness on the scalp, and reduces dandruff.

8 Ways In Which Aloe Vera Benefits Hair Health:


The natural goodness of aloe vera combined with a host of beneficial properties give your hair the strength and shine you’ve always wanted to have.
If hair loss is something you suffer from then using aloe for hair growth is a great idea. It contains proteolytic enzymes which naturally stimulate hair growth.

Not only that but it has the ability to form a protective layer over your hair that keeps it safe from environmental elements and also keeps it consistently hydrated.

Aloe Vera can also relieve scalp itchiness and irritation owing to the fact that it has potent anti-pruritic properties.

One of the truly amazing benefits of aloe vera for hair is that it can reduce dandruff. This is owing to the fact that it has strong anti-fungal properties.

It has very potent anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce redness and inflammation that could be caused by waxing and shaving.

It helps restore the pH balance of your hair because its own pH level is in the same range as your hair needs to be.


How to Use Aloe Vera to Treat Your Hair:

Aloe Vera Sap

1. Standard Conditioner:

Keeping your hair damp, simply apply aloe vera gel using your fingers. This also provides a soothing effect to the scalp & helps in setting your hair in place.

2. Leave-in Conditioner:

Thoroughly mix the same amount of water and aloe and transfer the solution into a spray bottle. Add a few drops of an essential oil and you’re ready.

Mix equal quantities of aloe vera juice and extra virgin coconut oil.
Apply and leave in for as long as possible for strong, smooth and bouncy hair.

3. Deep-clean Conditioner:

Thoroughly mix the same amount of olive oil and aloe gel. Using a comb spread the resulting mixture evenly on your hair.

4. Aloe Vera for Hair Growth:

  • Aloe Vera and Egg Hair Mask:

You need eggs yolks, aloe vera, and coconut oil or olive oil.
Mix all ingredients to make a smooth paste, without lumps
Apply the aloe vera egg mask on your hair and scalp. Ensure that your roots are covered in this mask
Wash your hair with cold water and a mild shampoo and conditioner

  • Onion and Gel Hair Mask:

You will need onion juice and the gel for this hair mask.
Apply the mixture of onion juice and aloe gel on your hair and scalp
After an hour, wash it with a mild shampoo

5. Aloe Vera Hair Mask for Greasy Hair:

Make a mix of aloe vera gel, a mild shampoo and lemon juice
Apply mixture to your greasy hair
Rinse it off after 10 minutes with cold water

6. Aloe vera for Dandruff:

  • Mix with Coconut Oil

Mix aloe vera gel with coconut oil and cook on low flame for 30 minutes
let is set to room temperature
Gently massage it on the scalp and hair and ensure it has spread evenly
Wash it with a mild shampoo after 3 hours

  • Aloe Vera and Honey, Yogurt Hair Mask for Dandruff:

2 tablespoons of fresh aloe vera gel
1 tablespoon of honey
2 tablespoons of yogurt
olive oil

Massage this paste on your scalp for 15 minutes
Wash it with warm water after 30 minutes

  • Mix with Neem Oil:

12-15 drops of neem oil
2-3 table spoons of aloe vera gel


Massage this mixture all over your scalp
Leave it on Overnight
wash off with a mild shampoo next morning

Repeat twice a week

7. Remedy for Grey Hair:

Keep fresh juice of amla in an iron bowl overnight

fresh aloe vera gel
the stored amla juice

Store mixture for a week and apply daily
You need to do this for at least 3 months for visible difference in hair colour

8. Aloe vera for Itchy Scalp:

Take fresh aloe vera gel and gently massage into the scalp 20 minutes before showering
Leave it on for a minimum of 20 minutes and wash off with a mild shampoo

9. Aloe Vera as Post Hairstyling Serum:

use aloe-vera gel for styling

Take a pea sized quantity of the gel and apply it over your hairstyle
You will get a lustrous hairstyle immediately

10. Remedy for Split Ends:


Aloe vera gel,
lemon juice
olive oil

Mix the ingredients to get a runny paste
Apply the mixture on your hair for 30 minutes
Wash it off with a mild shampoo

11. Aloe Vera for Curly Hair:

For defined curls, you can apply aloe vera gel on your just washed hair and scrunch it up
If you think, you want more definition for your curls, you can use curling products after the application of this miracle plant.

12. Aloe Vera Shampoo:

For rough and brittle hair, aloe and honey shampoo is a great way to , it adds moisture and shine to hair.
Take a few aloe leaves, 2 tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
Mix aloe gel, honey and apple cider vinegar in a blender. The gel should be thoroughly mixed with the other ingredients
Use this shampoo to soften hair

13. Aloe Vera for Dry Hair:

Take a little of aloe vera gel and almond oil
Mix both the ingredients and apply it on the scalp
Let it penetrate the roots for atleast 20 minutes.

14. Aloe Vera for Frizzy Hair:

Take 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, 6 tablespoons of gel and 4.5 tablespoons of curd
Mix the ingredients and apply the paste on your hair for 30 mins
Wash it off with a mild shampoo and conditioner

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