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June 30th, 2017

Salonceuticals have launched 5% Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Spray specifically formulated to combat female pattern hair loss (FPHL).  It is specifically designed to treat hair loss in women. Minoxidil 5% was approved by Health Canada and the FDA in 2014 for hair loss in women. Minoxidil 5% once a day have shown in clinical trials to be as effective as 2% with the additive advantage of once daily rather than in the past of twice daily regimen.

Regenepure Minoxidil Spray for Women Hair Loss is more convenient to use in comparison to foam, gel or liquid. It's fine mist adjustable applicator allows precise targeting of hair loss areas, without the wastage and or spillage. This allows hair growth in desired areas and minimizes unwanted hair growth in forehead etc.

Regrowth with Minoxidil 5% was seen in as low as 12 weeks with substantial coverage in 24 weeks time.

About Salonceuticals:

Salonceuticals, Inc. is a Miami-based organization that specializes in creating breakthrough hair vitalizing, scalp health maintaining solutions and nail care products with the highest quality ingredients. Our physicians, formulators and hair care experts work diligently with each other to give you the results you have been looking for. We’ve combined our decades of knowledge and expertise and listened closely to the concerns of customers to create innovative products that bring excellent results.
We have found that most brands focus their energy on marketing, rather than the actual quality of their products. Their products may contain one or two excellent ingredients but are often supplemented with harsh cleansing agents, chemicals, and DEA among others, which have damaging effects on the scalp, hair, and skin.
Salonceuticals prides itself on challenging this notion by creating an entire line of products that are completely free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, DEA, and harsh chemicals. After listening to our customers, we have created groundbreaking formulas that give you noticeable results after one use. Our loyal and happy customers have helped us become one of the most well-respected hair treatment solutions on the market.
We are constantly researching new innovations and ingredients to continue to bring our customers the best possible solutions for their hair and nail care needs