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FACT: Two out of three men will experience androgenetic alopecia, better known as male pattern baldness (MPB), by the time they’re 35 years old. This rate increases to 85 percent by 50 years old, and MPB can even begin as early as teen years. MPB comprises a stunning 95 percent of male hair loss cases.

Although MPB is a purely cosmetic ailment that causes no serious harm (minus perhaps the increased chance of sunburn on the top of the head, where thick tufts of hair once blocked sunlight), it can be crippling for men’s self-esteem and can negatively impact their professional, social and romantic lives. Many men have reported that their loss of hair makes them self-conscious.

Causes of Androgenic Alopecia

Men often do not notice the early signs of MPB

Of course, decades of research has resulted in ways to disguise or even reverse the effects of MPB. Although there is no cure for MPB, pills and topical treatments exist to counter MPB’s effects. Only two major treatment methods have emerged as effective, but which is more effective — or are they most effective when combined? The answer depends on the individual.

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The two methods of baldness treatment

Doctors regularly prescribe two methods of baldness treatment: Propecia and Rogaine. Both methods are FDA-approved for use in men (but not women), and scientific trials have proven their efficacy.

Propecia (the generic version is finasteride) is a pill which contains finasteride, which prevents the body from creating an enzyme that transforms androgens, which are hormones found in greater amounts in men than in women, into the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is a direct, leading cause of MPB, so daily Propecia intake can rebuild hair along the hairline, crown, and vertex of the head. In some, but not all, cases, Propecia can entirely reverse hair loss.

Rogaine (generic Minoxidil), which is arguably more well-known than Propecia, is an oily but thin liquid that men apply twice a day to the scalp to stimulate the growth of longer, thicker hair in balding spots. Rogaine is applied directly to the scalp because its effects are purely local to the application site — Rogaine does not block DHT production. Its effects are most pronounced at the crown and vertex.

Those with MPB may be drawn more strongly to one of the two solutions, but in reality, MPB can be addressed by both reduced DHT production and localized stimulation. One healthcare company, Keeps, makes both solutions accessible and affordable for people with MPB, all without any trips to the pharmacy or the doctor’s office.

Regrowth Club takes the guesswork out of MPB treatment

Regrowth Club offers men with MPB a convenient online platform for establishing an MPB treatment plan. Regrowth Club customers can visit the company’s website to choose a product that best fit their hair needs.

Easily To Follow Instructions

Regrowth Club handles the system fulfillment process using its network of fulfillment houses. Once a you are on a system, Regrowth Club ships an initial three months’ worth of treatment to the user. Three months later, Regrowth Club will automatically ship a treatment supply of equal size, shifting the burden of refilling systems off the consumer.

High Quality Discrete Packaging

Regrowth Club goes the extra mile in baldness treatment.
The benefits of Keeps extend beyond the convenience of fulfilling and shipping MPB treatment. The company ensures regular communication between customers and formulators, and its prices are among the fairest around.

For a small monthly fee, Regrowth Club members receive not just FDA-approved, affordable MPB treatment.  If customers want more information, Regrowth Club provides customer care specialists who are readily available to address any questions, not to mention an online chat that assists customers in tracking the progress of their hair regrowth. For any additional concerns, Regrowth Club maintains an active customer support line.

Regrowth Club’s system prices are nothing if not modest. A monthly supply of either system often costs less than half the amount for which competitors sell them, and Regrowth Club’ shipping rate is always free. Through Regrowth Club, MPB sufferers can keep both their hair and their wallets rich and full.

Regrowth Club’ prices, convenience, and superior customer service make combating MPB not just possible, but accessible. Visit the Regrowth Club website to get started with the most convenient, low-maintenance method for combating male pattern baldness right now starting at as little as $19.95 per month!