Only The Best Product Reviews For Hair Loss and Hair Growth

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Generally this medicine is for treating stomach ulcers and heart burns. It was later discovered that it can also be used for treating hair loss. But how does a heart and stomach medicine treat hair loss?

Tagament (Cimetidine) is a histamine blocking medicine that is prescribed for treating gastric disorders, ulcers and controlling stomach acid levels.

While both problems seem unrelated to hair fall. There is a possible relationship between the treatment methods. Tagament can recommended for both problems.

Hair Growth and Cimetidine

Tagamet treats stomach ulcer by controlling the production of harmful acid. This medicine also works against androgens. This hormone is responsible for androgenic alopecia. Also known as male/female pattern hair loss.

In small capacity, tagamet has DHT and androgen controlling abilities. In excess quantity both are responsible for destroying hair follicles and causing hair loss problems.

There is ongoing study to further extract the compounds that will stop hair loss. So far there are mix results regarding this matter.

Effects of Using Tagament

As always, nothing is too good to be true. There are pros and cons to everything. Here are the cons of using tagament.

Minor side effects are

  • Developing diarrhea
  • Feeling sleepy
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Having a headache
  • Swelling of the breasts in men

More serious side effects are

  • Feeling depressed, nervous or anxious
  • A sense of confusion and/or disillusion
  • Hallucinations and blurry vision



Cimetidine will work against DHT and androgens to prevent hair loss, it is not an ideal solution. Additionally the FDA does not approve of using cimetidine for hair loss.


All or any use is kept secret from the authorities. It is also unsafe for the following type of people.



  • Those allergic to cimetidine


  • Pregnant or may become pregnant women


  • If you are using medications (like ketoconazole, antacids, or antidepressants)







Taking Tagament


It is available via both prescription or just a casual purchase. It comes in the form of liquid and pills. But we strongly advise to take it only if the doctors tell you to. Or you keep your doctor informed before you start using it.


There were clinical studies done to check the effects of tagament on women with hair loss. But high doses in men resulted in sexual and other side effects.


So far we can say for sure that the cons out weight the pros. It is best to not use this for hair loss. But if you insist then ask your doctor for a better opinion and safer alternative.